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Welcome to the Effortless Academy..Are you ready 
to experience amazing energy shifts and clearings?

There has not been a better time than NOW
to take action and step into the life you have been dreaming about

Staying connected on your spiritual journey is not easy is ths busy world we live in.
However, to keep growing, you need to make yourself a priority at all costs! 
A regular practice IS A MUST if you want to enhance anything you desire in your life.

NO Less Than commitment, dedication and connection is required.

I want to welcome you


In this realm you will experience a space and an energy that will keep you not only motivated and inspired but energetically shifted as I shift your energy and keep you on track so the creation energy can flow EFFORTLESSLY for you. 

I am known for helping people, just like you, learn how to transform your physical health and keep you strong as you move forward co-creating and transforming all areas of your life effortlessly. Being in top physical health and having a strong understanding of what your body is communicating to you is how you STOP the INEVITABLE deterioration of your systems that affect all areas of your physical, mental, emotional and psychological well-being. 

I will offer you tools and techniques that  you can easily use to stay on your path and keep expanding and embracing the perfection that lies within you now! You are NOT broken you are perfect and together we will keep growing who you truly are!

IMAGINE joining me LIVE every month for a 90 minute call with an incredible group
of souls just like you.
I will not only shift live questions on this call, I will
 also be introducing a new topic for each month to clear and continue to
push you forward in your life.

You will receive a recording of your class every month so you can get
instant, anytime access to the shifts and clearings that you need to lift you
up and onward into better and better experiences.

What Our Partners Are Saying?


The Extraordinary Partnership Program goes even beyond the sessions, events and calls. There is a level of accountability to each other in this group and support provided that I have not had in my life for a while now. I have been able to move so much more beautiful energy into everyday even on the days that feel like a cloud is hanging over. As soon as I ask for help, the partners jump in ready to assist. Tracy, you have given us the key to building a community of like minded, non judgemental souls who uplift and shift each other’s energy through this Partnership Program. 

Kasia Tracz
Ontario, Canada


Wow – I was on the call last night but fell asleep after about half an hour but managed to stay on the edge listening as I fell asleep – I had a neck ache before the call and woke up mostly clear of it and feeling a real lift – I’m listening now 🙂 again.

David Stone
Glastonbury, UK


First and foremost, you fall in love with Tracy’s loving energy!!! Her authenticity, generosity, and living and breathing God’s energy.  Tracy is able to hold every Partner in the Extraordinary program in a special energy. Focusing on our individual needs while realizing we are all ONE. With the Extraordinary Partnership Program my life is changing in many ways.  What I notice the most is the changes that may seem small but are proving to be invaluable on a day to day basis.  I am seeing the world clearer, and I do mean literally, the world is brighter. I have a new found bounce in my step.

Shannon McCarthy
Alberta, Canada

What People Are Saying
About Tracy Her Events!

Wow – I was on the call last night but fell asleep after about half an hour but managed to stay on the edge listening as I fell asleep – I had a neck ache before the call and woke up mostly clear of it and feeling a real lift – I’m listening now again.

David Stone – Glastonbury, UK

Every Monday you will receive a motivational video that
also shifts the energy behind the message for the week!

Stay up to date on planetary issues affecting you AND receive tips and tools that
you can apply to help you move further into the life you are co-creating with spirit.

All this for under a week!​

For less than a cup of coffee a day you get full support in your spiritual journey AND your energetic transformational journey. I have facilitated over 12,000 individual sessions which has given me the experience to offer you priceless guidance and energetic faciliatation. As a globally renowned specialist, I have assisted people in EVERY SITUATION IMAGINABLE delete unwanted programs holding them back! I have been right where you are now, so I fully understand what it takes to shift a situation on ALL layers and levels! My commitment is to support you and to align you to all the extraordinary possibilities that are just waiting to come into your life. GET READY to experience the fullest and most satisfying life you never dreamed you could have.

when you sign up for the program
get the TOTAL BODY

This downloadable mp3 audio file will automatically be sent to you when you join the program. This audio contains POWERFUL clearings for the ENTIRE system. ALL organs receive a recalibration through a specific process that Tracy has mastered and has resulted in MIRACLE healings.

“We go together, we grow together”

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