This is My Story

I’ve been where so many people are.  I created the body regeneration method to help others their lives and live a life they could only dream of.


We all have a story as to how we got to where we are today.

I came into this world sick, riddled with ailments. I was born with my legs and hips detached, a hole in my chest, my stomach valve closed shut and an extremely damaged nervous system that caused excruciating pain. Over the course of my life I have nearly died three times. Sickness, disease, and even a kidnapping were just some of the traumatic experiences I endured growing up. 17 years ago I made the difficult decision to leave a marriage that no longer served me. After leaving with my two young children, I was told that my body was shutting down again. I knew what was happening, I had nearly died three times already.  In that moment I was faced with a pivotal decision.  As a single mother and sole caregiver for my two young girls, I had to make a choice, a choice to seek change and fight for my life.


I began to live the life of my dreams

I quickly learned that all of the sickness, disease and suffering that I was experiencing were not separate from, but directly linked to, all areas of my life. I began to learn the secrets that allowed me to transform my body.  My life, once full of suffering, pain and illness transformed into a life full of joy, happiness, wellness and financial prosperity.

I have dedicated my life to the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living to help change as many lives as possible.  It is my passion and pleasure to pass on the secrets that I have unlocked so that you too can Live your Extraordinary Life.

I invite you to join our community.

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Joining the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living will change your life! I have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. I hope that you are willing to take that leap to join us and transform your life today. Trust, know and believe that our community will be exactly what you need, and will only make your life better, better, better.

I know what you are thinking, this is too good to be true!  Is it really this simple?  Is it possible to have the life I always dreamed of?  Don’t just take my word for it.  Do your research, listen to the testimonials, come to an event and begin to employ these tools in your life and experience the miraculous changes first hand.

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Partnership Program

I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to partner with me Tracy L Clark and our Community of Extraordinary Living. You may be asking yourself; Why should you partner with this amazing community? Why would I join a community at all? Why not just have individual sessions? The answer is quite simple!

From the moment I was born, my life had been full of tragedy, illness and trauma. One devastating event after the next. I have had to personally change and heal my own body, and in doing so, I changed my whole life.  I have made the transformation and I can pass that energy and information on to you. This transfer of energy and information will unlock the unbelievable abilities that are your natural inheritance and provide you with the tools you require to create the life you are looking for.

Many programs will lift you up and inspire you, but nothing ever really changes.  Why? Because those programs have not removed the energy or the belief system that sits beneath the surface in your system.  This deep rooted energy is what keeps you stuck, stagnant, and feeling unfulfilled. We encourage you to join us, the TLC Community is here to support you through your journey. You are not alone!I know that if we work together we can achieve the change that you are looking for! Together, we can create the life that you’re ready for!

Contrary to popular belief this journey is not without its trials and tribulations, some days will suck! Each and every one of us is accountable for our lives. We have to show up for ourselves each and every day.  We have to do our work, because uncoupling the old programming you lived in for so long…takes work. BUT…if you do your work and show up for yourself in your life, then a new world is waiting for you!




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