Body Regeneration
Mission, Success & Prosperity

Feel the Energy and Embrace Your Future

Imagine having step by step techniques you can start to take action and embrace the dreams waiting to be birthed. During this four 

hours people reported being riveted to the screen as it was non-stop channeling from God. The information flowed and you will walk away with many

actionable steps you can start today!

Are you ready to receive a wealth of information that you can apply immediately and know what  steps to take next in your own life to achieve

 the results you are looking for? I share some personal stories of what I learned when I sold my first business at 26 and how it resulted

 in a bidding war to one of Canada’s largest publicly traded companies.

Imagine having first-hand knowledge on how to navigate your business, your career and your finances. As we walk through these 

unprecedented times it is more important than ever before you have the knowledge, inner power and strength to take action, have clarity in your direction 

and dominion over how you desire your life to unfold and your finances. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in fear during this time, 

there is more to like than ever before with these changing times if you know how to navigate and in truth put yourself first! 

These are the times’ millionaires are created and great opportunities show up! It is time to tap into your inner strength and take action. 

Only you can decide if you are ready to  create a new road map for your life and redesign your destiny. Why wait another day? Aren’t you worth it? 

I believe you are and I cannot wait to see you on the  other side and hear your testimonial!

Much love, 


I was thinking about selling my condo but was not sure with the lockdown happening.  While on the call I was asking for a quick sale and ease and grace. When we got off the call I decided to call my realtor and it sold in 48 hours and I received 40k over asking.

Steph R

While on the call I felt to reach out to an old contact and am I glad I did.  I got not one but three new contracts. During a time people are losing their jobs. 

Rheba M.

I was asking for money miracles while on the call because with the difficult times I need a reprieve. I received an 11k credit on one of my  credit lines. 

Milene. M

Everything that has unfolded since my session with Tracy and Friday’s class:  suppliers I really wanted to work with to source crystals from for my new online store finally came through with amazing prices for high quality crystals.  I found a designer for my business cards and logo that is very aligned with me and the business of energy healing. My Instagram followers increased, many new people signed up for my newsletter, and my health condition is improving – successfully reduced medication to half dose!  Couldn’t be more excited and happier! 🙂 Thanks to Tracy!!!  


Tracy’s business class is a valuable resource for any entrepreneur who is looking to up-level their life and navigate the blocks and limited beliefs holding them back. Having the awareness and learning how to remove what was not serving me has been instrumental in being aligned to my mission with purpose and confidence.

Sonia I

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