Glory TLC Scarf


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THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK – Check back soon, as we are having more made. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Like all of Tracy’s products, they are all aligned to enhance your life. These are the things she loves and uses every day. The scarfs are handmade and designed in Canada. Many people use them to hang in their office on their bed frame or wear it. The scarf is specifically designed to help you create your dreams and visions. Give you a boost of comfort and guidance when you need it. Some even report they use it to make their wishes and have had incredible results. Like all products, they are made with great care and thought to increase the vibration around you always!


“I can breath better when I put this beautiful scarf around me! The material and quality are unbelievable!!! Pj’s in this material would be amazing!!!! Blessings and thank you for the great clearing video xxx”

Sandra P

“I haven’t slept well for years. I would wake up feeling as though I hadn’t even slept. I decided to fold the Glory Scarf and put it in between my fitted sheet and my mattress right underneath my pillow. I started this two weeks ago… and I have had the most amazing, solid and restful 8-9 hour sleep every night since!!! I wake up feeling fantastic and rested for the first time in as long as I can remember. Thank you, God, Thank you, Tracy, for this amazing Glory Scarf, it has worked miracles”

Julie L

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