Miraculous Realm: Student Plan Link

$77.00 / month



Why Live Extraordinary

Are You Engaging Your Body, Soul and Spirit to create a miraculous life? Tracy L Clark, Founder and Creator of the Body Regeneration Method, offers you this incredible program to get you started! Tracy will guide and support you as you step into Your Year of Miraculous Experiences, Clearings and Body Restoration.

About The Program

Are you tired of feeling disconnected? Do you feel like great opportunities and promotions are always passing you by? Do you always feel like the changes you desire are just beyond your reach?

The monthly Extraordinary program will help you activate the NEW GENERATION light codes already embedded in your DNA. This is what allows you to wipe out the old “hard drive” to allow you to tap into your own “miracle restoration blueprint”. These are all energy fields that Tracy aligns you too as she works to clear out the old hindrances and bring in the new.

Program Features

  • 90 min Live Global Monthly Online Calls
  • 2 weekly emails to remove limitations and increase manifestation and prosperity in all areas of your life
  • Special Extroardinary bonuses throughout the year when Tracy is guided

*This product is non-refundable.