The TLC community has a substantial charitable arm and we are always giving back in every way we hear God speak to us to do so. There is great power in the spirit of giving and receiving. Throughout the year our community and partners just like you gift sessions, events and workshops.

Also, Every year for the past four years the TLC community has had an annual Christmas Fundraiser event that has raised thousands for families within our community in need. To date, we have supported over 10 families and raised over 40,000 thousand dollars. Do not miss this year’s event they are truly miraculous.

We are now announcing this year we will extend our giving arm and will be creating sponsorships and programs souls can apply for and have the opportunity to be part of the community of giving by receiving help while working to embrace your gifts and the life you know you are meant to live. Please check back as we unfold the second part of our giving arm and the TLC extraordinary Kids Platform as well. It takes time and money to grow and God is being amazing!!!

So at the TLC community, we make it a point to help those in our community that we know need the help.  We give directly to the people in need just because we can.

If you would like to be part of the change and part of the new growth or wish to help someone in need, donations are always accepted and greatly appreciated.

Your contributions have dramatically changed the lives of people around the world.  I thank the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living members for their remarkable generosity.  The more we work together as a community, the more people we can help. Remember when “We go together, We grow together”.


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