Christmas Giveback – Thursday, December 10th, 2020


Thursday, November 28th

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Welcome To Our 6th Annual Give Back Event

We have picked our three families for this year’s to give back!

Our goal is to raise at least 2500 for each family. We do have a fourth if we raise more! Help us make this the best year yet! Thie year the money will be moved to a financial planner who will manage the money with them and teach them how to work with their new funds. They will not have full access to the money for 1 year! Our goal is to really make new breakthroughs in lives, not just one time! If we teach a man to fish they eat for a lifetime! So let’s change these families and really show how we support others!!

I ask for a small price for this ticket upfront and please note  ALL the proceeds go directly to the charity line that is unfolding and launching this year and to our families!

We are also asking for cash donations for our family! Unfortunately, many people receive tickets and do not use them. Then we are turning away people when they could attend and enjoy the glory realm and the impartations I will be doing this night for EVERYONE!!!

This is a huge event and we always want to give so much to families in need! When we give we receive it is a way of tithing. I am giving you all a massive financial blessing with the giving this year!! Thank you for understanding and for being generous to those in need. Wait till I share what is being created! A community like no other!!!

This is the event where you get to receive and join in the celebration of how we have changed the lives of many. Reaching out into our community to give back to those in need. This year we will be asking for cash donations of any amount to be divided into three families. We are doing something a little different for them this year! In the past, we asked for gift cards but over this past year, much has unfolded in our giving line! Thousands of dollars were donated to many people for classes, sessions, and events. We are expanding a new platform for our children’s programs which took a new direction! Please bear with us as you will see all of this launched on our website in 2021. Thank you, God, for making it possible to help so many for so many to receive gifts and the joy of receiving. This is truly going to be an incredible night of giving back on all levels and all layers. Get your tickets now and embrace the power of giving! When you give and tithe you are also open to receiving more than you ever thought possible!!


Let’s align for the holidays and embrace the new the is waiting for you as we prepare for 2021




Please reserve enough tickets for yourself, and your party in advance as seating is limited.

Thursday, November 28th, at The Rogers Theatre, Mississauga Living Arts Centre

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