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I created the Body Regen Method after given no hope by a lot of experts. It is a way to really connect to the God Consciousness on your terms your way. It is through a simple understanding of the body what it is telling you and how to learn to use simple tools to help shift you at an exponential rate. Everything is inside you and like all of us we just forgot.

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This course will be held online
Duration: 4 Weeks
Hours – 2 hours per class
Time: 7pm EST
Replay available if you miss.

Class  Begins Wed. Oct. 11TH  7 PM EST

Have you ever asked yourself how you can become more in tune around issues concerning wealth? The information is overwhelming and what many forget is that it is a relationship. Belief systems we carry from watching our parents grow up tend to impact your relationship around money. It is not uncommon to have issues with giving and receiving. Society and people you grow up around also imprints a lot of programming into your field around how much you can earn based on a degree or environment. The brain and mind is set up to keep you safe. Therefore, when changing a habit can be hard or even not in your awareness.

In this four week class, we will shift the energy behind many programs people carry with them in terms of money and answer your questions, your fears and address your habits! Once you have a new awareness around money it can open up new opportunities for flow!

Remove what you believe around poor people

Remove what you believe around rich people

Find the gratitude behind what you are creating

Unlock your belief systems and ceilings you have created around your money ceiling

Release where you have created issues around money to keep you distracted. Do you know people can create all sorts of issues to keep you distracted from making money? Unlock your excuses.

Isn’t it time you step into your full potential and unleash your true inner power? Her method also teaches you how to use it with everything else you are taught in however, you need NO prior training to learn the Body Regeneration Method!

Testimonial Body Regen Class

If all classes and school were like this I would always want to go!! So fun. Aarti – Toronto



Dear Tracy,

I am almost in tears of pure joy as a write this email to you. Since our class on Wednesday, things have shifted so much that I ended up getting the spiritual flu. So grateful to the hand of God for the flu as I know I am releasing all of the old crap inside of me. As I am now slowly coming out of it, my mother sends me a text message telling me that my father is going to reimburse me for all the years I have been paying for their cell phone bill. We were on a family plan and I was paying for it. I was floored! Money has been coming into my account and out with me being so neutral and trusting in something higher that I am just so filled with love right now and trust that finally, my life is going in the direction it was always meant to go. I am so grateful for you for the work you do. You are truly an angel that God has sent to work through and help us regain our faith in the higher power that exists.

So much love!!!
Madhura – Alberta


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