If you are interested in having  Tracy L Clark, speak for your organization or for an interview please use the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP. Tracy L Clark will also accept interviews through alternative media outlets such as blogs or podcasts.


Tracy L Clark transforms any audience into one that is motivated and inspired  by the time she leaves! If you are truly ready to have your staff or group  less stressed and happier they need to  learn the secrets Tracy has unlocked in the body!

She can transform any group at light speed! you need This is only one of the reasons you need Tracy L to speak at  your next event. Tracy speaks on how the to unlock the secrets of the body by using your language and physiology of the body. She will leave your audience inspired and wanting more. Plus your organization will start to function with more ease and grace.  Which always means less sick days and happier souls.

Tracy has a strong corporate background presenting at events in Canada and Asia in her past. She sold her first company to a publicly traded company at 26. Tracy L Clark can be booked as a Guest Speaker for private and corporate events, Keynote speaking or any other professional engagements. If you would like to book Tracy L Clark for an event please complete the contact form below, providing details regarding your event and your requested booking date.

Soul Getaway: A Week in the South...

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