This is why so many from around
the world partner with Tracy L


Are you ready to learn my secrets to unlocking the body and how I created my fabulous life. Trust me I did not have a fabulous life it SUCKED!!! This is why I created my partnership realms so you could learn the secrets and unlock your own life and start to enter into a world you have dreamt of but never truly experienced on all levels!!

So, what if I told you for $3.00 dollars a day YES I said correct, $3.00 a day you could have me in your back pocket starting to transform YOUr LIFE! That is insane because it is less than your specialty coffee. Many said I must be nuts but to get real change in your life you need to step out of the old and into the NEW!

Think about it No waiting for an appointment which takes MONTHS and costs $200.00 or more and hour. You can dive right in today so no more excuses to keep pushing off your transformation until next year. Imagine you could step it up no and start living now the life you dream of! Plus an even greater advantage is this membership is for your entire family that you live with so you can grow together!

Pretty crazy isn’t it!

One of my clients said recently “Tracy where can someone get an energetic intuitive and coach who has helped thousands of people just like you change their lives in your in box five days a week LIVE! Answering and shifting YOUR questions for $3.00 a day?” It is pretty crazy and if you say where do I find $3.00 a day just spend a day tracking your money and if you are a priority it will show up!

People were asking how can we have access to you without waiting so long! This is why this was created to help more people. As my time became more limited it also became more expensive and so after two years of listening to my clients the Partnership Realm was born.

So I want to take this opportunity to personally invite you to partner with me, Tracy L Clark and our Community of Extraordinary Living Miraculous Realm and start the journey so many are raving about!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? You can choose to do that but I guarantee your LIFE WILL NOT CHANGE! You must have drive, support, and motivation. That is why we are with you throughout the week to keep you on track, shift you and support you!

However, if you are not serious about making yourself a priority and committing to change this program may not be right for you.

You may be asking yourself; Why should you partner with this amazing community? Why would I join a community at all? Why not just have individual sessions? The answer is quite simple!

People wait months to get into see me. I have found over the years of my own transformation that it does not happen in one session. I was asked by many of my clients if I could created a program that would help individuals on a regular basis that was NOT CANNED so they can shift and change quickly. I listened and the partnership realm was created.

I know pain and suffering well from my own journey and realized you need constant support and motivation to make changes especially when you hit a bump and find yourself being triggered.

From the moment I was born, my life had been full of tragedy, illness and trauma. One devastating event after the next. I have had to personally change and heal my own body, and in doing so, I changed my whole life.  I have made the transformation and I can pass that energy and information on to you. This transfer of energy and information will unlock the unbelievable abilities that are your natural inheritance and provide you with the tools you require to create the life you are looking for.

Many programs will lift you up and inspire you, and make you feel good but nothing ever really changes.  Many programs are also old and recycled information and still no change. Why? Because those programs have not removed the energy or the belief system that sits beneath the surface in your system.  This deep rooted energy is what keeps you stuck, stagnant, and feeling unfulfilled.

We encourage you to join us, the TLC Community is here to support you through your journey. You are not alone! I know that if we work together we can achieve the change that you are looking for! Together, we can create the life that you’re ready for!

Contrary to popular belief this journey is not without its trials and tribulations, some days will suck! Each and every one of us is accountable for our lives. We have to show up for ourselves each and every day.  We have to do our work, because uncoupling the old programming you lived in for so long…takes work. BUT…if you do your work and show up for yourself in your life, then a new world is waiting for you!

What Are Partners Saying?

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The Extraordinary Partnership Program goes even beyond the sessions, events and calls. There is a level of accountability to each other in this group and support provided that I have not had in my life for a while now. I have been able to move so much more beautiful energy into every day even on the days that feel like a cloud is hanging over. As soon as I ask for help, the partners jump in ready to assist. Tracy, you have given us the key to building a community of like-minded, non-judgemental souls who uplift and shift each other’s energy through this Partnership Program.

Kasia Tracz

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I absolutely love Tracy! My friend told me about her and how much she’s shifted and changed her life, so of course I was curious. It only took a couple of Tracy’s YouTube videos to know she was speaking my language and I wanted to learn more!! I instantly signed up for her Extraordinary partnership monthly program and couldn’t be happier! Every morning I look forward to the video she records just for us knowing we’re all connected and shifting. I cherish Tracy as my teacher and as a bonus gained a lovely community of fellow Lightworkers anchoring light together.

Danielle Krieg

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First and foremost, you fall in love with Tracy’s loving energy!!! Her authenticity, generosity, and living and breathing God’s energy. Tracy is able to hold every Partner in the Extraordinary program in a special energy. Focusing on our individual needs while realizing we are all ONE. With the Extraordinary Partnership Program my life is changing in many ways. What I notice the most is the changes that may seem small but are proving to be invaluable on a day to day basis. I am seeing the world clearer, and I do mean literally, the world is brighter. I have a new found bounce in my step.

Shannon McCarthy


We don’t just sit there and talk about it. We actually create change! We look at why you can’t move forward, why you’re not able to get to that next level, and then we move it together.  We give you the action steps required and we help you to hold yourself accountable.

Our program is in real time. Many online programs will recycle information. We do not do that in our community. These messages are catered to what is going on that day, that month, that minute, that year, that second. The information provided is always current and it will be relevant for you to understand what is happening. Not only locally, but globally as well.  This information will help you to understand why you may feel more frustrated or uneasy at a particular time. We will help you and give you the tools needed to not only get you through the day but to make it a miraculous one!

When you partner with me and the TLC community, we’ve got your back.  We are there for you and we will continue to create change together.  Remember that in order to get something different in your life, you have to DO something different.  Having us with you every step of the way, rather than waiting for a one-on-one appointment, is the key to attaining massive changes in your life.  No matter if you’re going through a major transition or you’re creating more in your life, this is the place to be.  We encourage you to come ,to be, to enjoy! It is a partnership that will keep you progressing on your path to the life you have always dreamed about!



How do you explain something when there are no words?! I could tell you about the many, many miracles that have unfolded in my life on a daily basis, both big and small, but that just doesn’t explain enough. These are just a fraction of the miracles that are actually happening in my life, as a result of the monthly Extraordinary Partnership Program, and they certainly do not tell the full story!!!

Until I met Tracy, I didn’t feel like anyone spoke my language …lol. I am very kinaesthetically aware, and as such, I experience huge physical shifts, pulls, and downloads from your daily emails and videos. I can even feel you in my field and my body throughout the day when you are working on our group. I am limited by our language to adequately describe the effect that you have on our bodies, our systems, and the depths from which you pull old corrupt files and programming. I have never experienced anyone who could move and shift energy at the level that you do! It’s hard to describe the actual physical effects that you are having on people because you work in the unseen realm, and I have no ability to communicate what that feels like!!! I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for the incredible gifts that you have, for being such a miracle gift from God, and for changing every aspect of my life! Each and every day I know how much work you do for this group and how in the unseen realm you are moving mountains for us all!!!

Bless you Tracy, you are a gift to us all!

Mississauga, Ont

Our world is changing. Between 2018 – 2020 and beyond, we are all going to require more community! We’re all going to need more support, more focus, and more love to keep the courage up and give us the strength needed to move forward.

No matter what level you choose, each program in our partnership program is specifically designed to help you grow. Each and every video, question, and email are designed daily  to help you grow.

We go together, We grow together!