Body Regen Online Academy


Body Regen Effortless Academy

The Effortless Academy  was created so you could  learn what your body is trying to tell.

Learn new ways to communicate with your body.

Receive amazing weekly teachings, clearings. You will receive a weekly teaching and clearing around emotions, health, finances, love, connection to spirit and much more.

Start your week off on the right foot. Be inspired and motivated on your life’s journey. Plus a monthly group coaching call that will not only be a place of learning but also  a place we will shift the energy together. 

  • Receive A shifting and teaching video email every Monday
  • 90 minute group coaching call monthly with Tracy L
  • Special bonuses and offers throughout the year

$39.97 USD

Body Regen Miraculous Academy

Awaken the Superhuman within and Change Your Life

  • Learn tools you can apply in your immediate life to shift the energy and become clear, focused and in charge of your life in your career, love life, health, relationships and money. Let go of fear!
  • Access to past clearings
  • 5 live clearings and activation videos a week from Tracy L to boost your confidence, and change your life
  • Private Facebook Group with tons of support
  •  Individual Sessions with a discounted rate
  • 1 – 90 minute monthly group coaching session discounts throughout the year off various products and courses
  • Private email to send through your weekly questions
  • Bonus clearing videos throughout the year
  • First to receive updates in the TLC community

$97.77 USD

Body Regen Evolutionary Academy

online e-course

6 Month Evolutionary Academy Master Coaching Program

  • Are you ready to become clear on your life, make decisions with ease and grace achieve your dreams and remove blocks and limitations.
  • 1 – 60-minute group master coaching call and energy shifts weekly.
    Meetings held via Zoom and are fully interactive
    All Calls Recorded Replay Available
    Access To Past Replays
  • Body Regen energy Tools And Energy shifts to give you a clear direction to change your finances, relationships, career. relationship with self
  • First Pick and individual sessions 
  • Entrance Into The March Body Regeneration Online Class
  • For people enrolled in the 1 year membership you have private unlimited access to all past and present online body regen classes. (financial one, simple tool box, basic body many many more hours! Preview at your leisure as often as you desire)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • You can start the program at any time through out the month!
  • first inline to receive discounts on upcoming courses

$2997.97 USD

for 3 months access

$9997.97 USD

for 12 months access

The Body Regeneration Basics

online e-course


Learn The most comprehensive yet simple and EFFECTIVE Facilitation course that teaches you EXACTLY how to shift patterns, blocks and programming from within the body. Release limitless energy. limitless prosperity and limitless health with these amazing and groundbreaking techniques. Plus Tracy will be shifting you through the two hours while you listen!

Lastly, enjoy numerous audio clearings and activations are included!


$247.97 USD

Body Regen Prosperity Academy


$247.97 USD

Body Regen Financial Audio Clearing

This 10-minute audio will help you start to do just that. Listen to it in the am before you get out of bed and in the pm right as you are falling asleep. Allow the body to relax and feel the energy go through your body. Then as you go about your day notice what you notice. However, be prepared if you have bad habits or people draining your income or patterns that you need to break they will come up. They will not be comfortable but they will come up so you can release them and let them go. To build a new foundation, you must let go of the old. So, do not get frustrated or upset bless the situation for showing up so you can create more with spirit and allow more financial flow into your life. You must be an active participant and this is a great way to get started to rewrite your programs!!


$14.97 USD

Body Regen Removal Of Negative Energies And Activation

In this powerful clearing and activation, Tracy L will release the negative energies that have been stuck deep inside on levels and layers that you never knew existed. This incredible clearing begins to remove the deep-rooted emotions, blocks, resistance, hesitations, curses, spells, ill words and intentions of other people. This activation and impartation will quickly release these negative energies as Tracy targets the layers of stuck physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological and physic energies. As your body starts to release these negative entities and emotions you will feel less anxious and stressed. You will feel more motivated and inspired. The chemical frequencies of your body will begin to balance and your day to day life will become easier. As the frequency of your body raises higher you will allow for a new level of restoration, regeneration, and rejuvenation. You will become deeply connected to your intuition and what your body is telling you.


$14.97 USD


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