If you are looking for immediate assistance with something specific but may not need a full appointment then this option is for you. Tracy can align, shift or move energy as you may need. For these sessions, we ask that you electronically submit what you would like Tracy to work on and she will move the energy within 3 business days of your request.

Only you know how much energy is needed to work on your issue, so we ask that you pay what you think the session is worth.

Important Info: To submit your request please provide the details of what you need upon check-out under additional notes, or after your purchase, you will receive confirmation and can download a form to submit your request. Please check your junk mail if you don’t receive the order confirmation email. You will also receive an email from Tracy when the request has been completed. It will indicate that Tracy worked on it but will not provide detail.


Unfortunately, my individual bookings are currently full However, Please check here or watch the newsletter for when I open time slots open again. 

You can still work with me directly through The miraculous realm, effortless realm, emergency sessions, need it now sessions, and our many LIVE events!!  I do look forward to helping you along your journey! 


Online or by Phone. $300  for a 1-hour session.

I totally understand emergencies come up! I work to ensure we can serve you the best way possible If you are in a crisis or emergency situation, custom booking times can be made available on a case by case basis. Usually, appointments are received within 3 to 5 business days of the request.

Please note once you submit your payment you will be notified via our office of your apt. time

Work With a Certified Facilitator​

With Tracy’s busy schedule sometimes it can take a while to get a one-on-one appointment. With Tracy’s Certified Facilitators you can choose your area of interest, skip the line and receive totally qualified and professional care.

Rob Laird - Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Rob was a professional soldier for most of his life. He was medically released from the military with PTSD, panic attacks, knee and spinal injuries. Rob had a Kundalini Awakening in 2013 while doing various forms of breathing exercises. Since then, he has received many “downloads” from God/Source and studied with many Masters of different modalities, enabling him to co-create the Misogi Breathing Method, one of the most powerful breathing methods in the world. Using Misogi Breathing and Tracy L Clark’s Body Regeneration Method, Rob has healed completely from all
physical and mental issues and now uses his gifts to teach others how to heal themselves. Misogi is a Japanese term meaning “purification of the mind, body, and spirit.”

All physical and emotional traumas are “stored” in the fascia of the body. Misogi Breathing realigns the fascial network, changes the physiological structure of the body, lengthens the spine and removes all of these traumas. Some of Rob’s personal experiences/results of using this breathing method, as well as those consistently reported by his clients, include:

• Greater ease of movement/agility and vastly improved physical performance
• A toning of the body and very rapid fat-loss (Rob lost 65lbs and went down 7 belt sizes in
just under two months without changing anything in his diet/exercise routine except for his breathing)
• De-aging and younger looking skin
• A silencing of the “monkey mind” and the constant thought processes
• A removal of old programming/patterns
• And much, much more

Best of all, you will develop a very deep connection to yourself and God/Universe/Divine, allowing your creativity to flourish and your life and dreams to expand in ways beyond your imagination!

Sessions are $150 for One hour by Skype. Rob will email you within 24 hours of your booking to set up a time that works for you.


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