If you are looking for immediate assistance with something specific but may not need a full appointment then this option is for you. Tracy can align, shift or move energy as you may need. For these sessions, we ask that you electronically submit what you would like Tracy to work on and she will move the energy within 3 business days of your request.

Only you know how much energy is needed to work on your issue, so we ask that you pay what you think the session is worth.

Important Info: To submit your request please provide the details of what you need upon check-out under additional notes, or after your purchase, you will receive confirmation and can download a form to submit your request. Please check your junk mail if you don’t receive the order confirmation email. You will also receive an email from Tracy when the request has been completed. It will indicate that Tracy worked on it but will not provide detail.

Tracy smiling at the sea side

One On One Opportunities


Spend a day with Tracy from 10-5 or split it into two 3.5 hour sessions a week apart.

This is for someone who really has a desire to go deep and expand into a new way of being. This is for the person who takes full responsibility to make shifts, do the work and step up. This is not a place to complain and argue. This will be a day driven by your desires and leave a the end with work in hand that you can continue as you entire into a new way of living. We will dive deep into belief patterns, old systems not working for you and connect you deeper to the God Connection. This is for serious people who truly are ready to go deep and explore the unlimited possibilities!  Once payment is made your will be contacted to set up your day! These sessions are done via phone, skype or facetime. Prepare to an epic day of transformation

Click Below To Reserve Your Spot Now! Tracy L only takes 2 clients a month for these.


6 Month Energy Shifting and Coaching Package

This package is for the serious shifter. When you desire real change it takes commitment. I know this well! If you make the commitment I promise to be there right by your side! Are you ready to push yourself into a new way of thinking and living. Are you someone who is truly ready for change and understands it starts with you. Are you someone who is willing to take accountability for your life, and really prepare for change. If you said YES then this is the right place for you. If you want to be lazy and not walk through the process and sit back and do nothing this is probably not a fit!


  • 1 – 60-minute coaching call a week for six months or 1 call every 2 weeks for one year with Tracy L Scheduled the same time every week or every other week
  • Direct email access with Tracy L throughout the week.
  • 6 months into the Miraculous realm to keep you shifting.
  • Click Below To Save Your Spot and Start Your Transformational Journey Now

Investment: 7777.77 USD


Online or by Phone. $300  for a 1-hour session.

I totally understand emergencies come up! I work to ensure we can serve you the best way possible If you are in a crisis or emergency situation, custom booking times can be made available on a case by case basis. Usually, appointments are received within 3 to 5 business days of the request.

Please note once you submit your payment you will be notified via our office of your apt. time

Work With a Super Facilitator​

If you require a session asap I suggest checking out my amazing Super Facilitators. They are trained and super heart centred. See who resonates with you and feel free to book them!

Doris Markos

About Doris,

Doris Markos is an intuitive empath trained as a facilitator and practitioner of the Body Regeneration Method, founded by the leader and pioneer of the Body Regeneration Method and body whisperer Track L Clark.

As a hairstylist for over 25 years, it became very clear that counselling and helping people is her passion and mission in life. It was on her own spiritual and healing journey that it became a reality. It didn’t come easy though. Shortly after the birth of her second child depression, anxiety and panic attacks and even some suicidal thoughts began. The struggle was often masked with smiles and laughter, which seemed almost robotic. This was very isolating. Some days were better than others which gave hope. While other days getting up in the morning or even talking or visiting friends was a struggle…missing out on so much.

Thankfully, by following her intuitive, she left her place of work and became self-employed. Now starting her path of healing and learning. It was time to find a new way of living…there had to be more! It was a long journey but so rewarding and enlightening. She studied nearly 10 years learning many modalities with many incredible teachers She learned and became a practitioner in reiki. She was also certified as an instructor of chi gong and a fa chi gong healer taught by Master Teresa Yeung. It was in the last 6 years learning under her mentor Tracy L Clark that all the pieces came together. Every day she is so grateful to work with Tracy and her incredible community. Now living her extraordinary life, she is on a mission to share and help others live theirs.

Thank you 😀

Sessions are $150USD for One hour by Skype. Doris will email you within 24 hours of your booking to set up a time that works for you.

Rob a Laird

 About Rob,

Rob was a professional soldier for most of his life. He was medically released from the military with PTSD, panic attacks, knee, and spinal injuries

  In 2012, Rob and Julie lost their daughter.  This loss became the catalyst for them to seek a change, to find another way to heal from all the pain and trauma he had experienced  Rob found a new way with Tracy L Clark and the Body Regeneration Method.  Rob has been working and training with Tracy since 2013 and every aspect of their lives has changed!

In 2013 Rob had a Kundalini Awakening while doing various forms of breathing exercises. Since then, he has received many “downloads” from God/Source and studied with many Masters of different modalities.

 Rob has healed his physical and mental issues, despite being told by all specialists and experts that it was impossible!  Now he uses his  gifts to teach others how to heal themselves.

What can you expect when working with Rob 

  • Greater ease of movement/agility and vastly improved physical performance
  • Toning of the body and rapid fat-loss
  • De-aging and younger looking skin
  • Silencing of the “monkey mind” and the constant thought processes
  •  A deeper connection to your body
  •  Strengthened relationship with yourself and others
  • Removal of old programming/patterns
  •  Unlimited Energy
  • And much, much more


I’d like to share that during the past 5-6 years, I’ve learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about trumpet, letting go of old patterns, the power of breathing, flow of energy, and universal balance from Rob and Julie Laird. Upon reflection, Rob and Julie helped me UN-LEARN patterns of tension, anxiety, holding and projection which have dramatically improved my music-making, personal relationships and outlook on my daily experience. Rob  has always supported and nurtured my spirit which has allowed me to become more creative. I’d say these past 13 months have been particularly meaningful. I hold them in the highest esteem alongside the timeless and universal minds to which I’ve had the privilege of sharing space. Rob, you are an effortless trumpeter and wise mentor which has been able to draw code from the ancients. You’ve shown me the tools to transform my life, tap into my natural abilities most importantly, ways to help others. Andrew M

Deborah Davis-Black I had an amazing session with Julie and Rob
They are human Angels filled with Pure Love and Kindness and patience 
I highly recommend them

It felt like I lost heavy weight on my shoulders 
I fell more confident in myself 
I feel loved and supported
They are like ray of sunshine on a gloomy day 
Thanks a million for making me feel better as well as making me feel special 
Lots of Love Deborah

Sessions are $150USD for One hour by Skype. Rob or Julie will email you within 24 hours of your booking to set up a time that works for you.


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