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Body Regeneration VIP Evolutionary Academy

with Rev. Tracy L

Most people do not realize their dreams because they are functioning from fear not empowerment.

Fear has gripped all of us at one time or another but if you do not learn how to become uncomfortable your dreams will always be pushed far away!

Stop hesitating, are you ready to grab hold of your life.

Stop waisting time and allowing your stories to hold you back?

Are you ready to receive guidance and direction. Tired of feeling like no one gets you and a misfit?

Want my undivided attention?

Desire clearings, activations and actionable steps you can implement now. 

Desire to a new road map you can follow to create a new blueprint.

It is time you stop procrastinating and start living your dreams.

This program is not for the person who says they want to change and just sit back and do nothing.

I believe We all need guidance and have a high performance energy coach in our back pocket to push us past our limitations and stretch you out of your comfort zone.

I know being uncomfortable well. I sold my first company to a publically traded company at 26 years of age. I travelled and spoke to audiences of well of 500 about investing and self improvement. I took knowledge from trading and investing into learning to set myself up in my current business with the finances to flow in other areas.

I reclaimed my health from sick and dying, My love of self, connection to God and built a beautiful loving relationship with an incredible supportive man.

The key to this success is to be able to see where you need to push and where you need to back off. Where you need more time and where you are wasting your time.

Most people refuse to shift their life because of old patterns and old believes! I am going to teach you how to unlock the energy blocks and give you real actionable steps while you are in the program! If you want my full attention you have it!

Only you can decide if you are worth it and tired of just talking about change! It will not be easy but it will be worth it!

4 Month Prosperity Mastermind Intensive

Focus on your career/business and prosperity levels. Understanding money and finances and how you can become your own guru. Unlocking blocks and resistances and old BS systems!

Even if you do not have a plan, join me on this journey and let’s do this together! 

Maybe you do not believe. If you doubt you go without but if you believe you will RECEIVE!



Receive my secrets on how I restored my entire body, my career, my money and my relationships. After given no more hope by many experts. 

60 Minutes group master coaching call a week - actionable steps assigned at each call.
Meetings held via Zoom and are fully interactive
4 Month Membership = Entrance into the current Body Regeneration Online Class

(financial one, simple tool box, basic Body many many more hours! Preview at your leisure as often as you desire)

Access to all my clearing audios in one place.

Access to all my prayers to remove manipulation, karma, past life issues etc.

First pick at individual sessions at a discounted rate
* All calls are recorded so you will receive the replays if you miss it!

“To understand what Tracy offers and what she does, most don’t know the extent of how much she changes lives in ways that are different for everyone!!  I started working with her over 6 years ago to heal myself and to learn more on helping heal other! As I moved through many of her programs…miraculous academy, many workshop, webinars, and evolutionary academies, I gave myself more gifts than I could possibly imagine!  I’ve learned more on how the body speaks to us and how to shift the energy in myself and others…and this I’m so grateful to share with everyone!  But most recently I’ve realized she taught me how to find my voice…to strengthen my inner confidence even more…empowered me to learn things that were sometimes way out of my comfort zone( technology is my friend lol), but mostly to  empower me to take ownership and learn so much more about my finances and investing and showing me that I am a natural at something I’ve never taken notice to!  I’ve only allowed others to take the lead in something I now find so much joy in and have an actual natural talent I didn’t know was there…yet she did!! It is more than her just healing us and teaching us how to heal others!!  It’s truly digging deep to make me the super human I feel I am becoming…no, that I AM!!  This is priceless!  I can honestly say, I wouldn’t even recognize the person I was and would love to introduce her to my new self…And that ever changing person I will continue to become and even better, even better, even better!!  This I owe to you Tracy!  Thank you!!!!

Thank you 😀
                      Doris Markos


Doris M.

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