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If you are done being tired, sick, stressed and feeling lost in life like you have no direction or something feels stuck. If you are serious about learning all the secrets your body is telling you and how you can use your words and actions so you can change your entire life and go from sick and tired to healthy and vibrant this is the program for you!

Every week you will learn new tools, receive energy shifts and activations and clearings you can take out in your week to transform your world.  As you embark on this you will  start to change your DNA by connecting and speaking to your body.  Together as a group you will  move your energy and blocks.

If you do the work and stay dedicated you will see your business, finances, career, romance. love of self  shift, Then watch how your life will skyrocket and your HEALTH will improve!!  I will push you give you tasks and tools to take charge of your life! We are in this together!

This package is for the serious shifter! When you desire real change it takes commitment, dedication and consistency. I know this well because I was my first test subjects! If you make the commitment I promise to be there right by your side! Are you ready to push yourself into a new way of thinking and living?

The Body Regeneration Evolutionary Academy groups energy will create such transformation and  take you to a level that you never thought possible. 

The Academy meets once per week via Zoom.  This is a fully interactive class that allows you to delve deep to release the blocks, resistance and hesitations that are holding you back from living the life you desire.  Our classes are a safe, non-judgemental place filled with like minded people who desire real change in their lives. We will be touching on connection with Spirit, Self Love, Health, Success, finances, Work, Romance and the list goes on!

If you are someone who is truly ready for change and understands it starts with you. Are you someone who is willing to take accountability for your life, and really prepare for change. If you said YES then this is the right place for you!

Receive my secrets on how I restored my entire body and life after given no more hope by many experts. 

60 Minutes group master coaching call a week
Meetings held via Zoom and are fully interactive
3 Month Membership = Entrance into the current Body Regeneration Online Class

1 Year Membership - Private Entrance unlimited access to all past and present Online Body Regeneration classes.

(financial one, simple tool box, basic Body many many more hours! Preview at your leisure as often as you desire)

Access to all my clearing audios in one place.

Access to all my prayers to remove manipulation, karma, past life issues etc.

First pick at individual sessions at a discounted rate
Join Any Time
* All calls are recorded so you will receive the replays if you miss it!
** You can start the program at any time throughout the month.

“Tracy understands the physiology of the body and how it communicates with you. With her strong connection to God and her life experiences and combining science, spirituality and ministry she created the Body Regeneration Method which shifts the body of all blocks, resistance and hesitations and all unwanted energy using her gifts of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and deep knowing! Guiding and teaches what she knows to empower others to heal themselves as well! She is a gifted speaker and has the ability to clear and shift through her words and hands. Most of all her ability to unconditionally love.”

Doris M.

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