Global Online Events

Have you asked why you want to create prosperity? Let’s open this up, and align you to move forward in the direction you are meant to live, and not how you think you are to live. Taking the action steps required to unlock what you desire. Ask your questions and let’s have some fun working together to align your blueprint into the energy of prosperity!

The TLC community does not have borders, and I am so grateful to have a monthly call that can offer support, regardless of your geographical location.

These calls are offered once a month and will offer you shifts, changes and essentials on what you need. It is a great way to boost the work you are already doing, or maintain what you have worked on. We never stop growing and these calls, help to give you what you need.

Once you purchase the online event, you will be emailed a passcode to access the call on the day of the event. If you will be listening to the call live, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the event and receive exactly what you require. If you are not live on the call, remember you are always in the energy and can submit your questions prior to the call. You will also be given a playback and can listen to the call for support anytime you need.

Global Online Event Schedule