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How much of your day is on autopilot. Have you ever wondered why change at a deep level is so hard for so many. Have you said you want a better life but find excuses to really take those next steps? Do not be like so many who will wait for a crisis to hit, a relationship to fall apart a job loss, a major illness or worse a death.   Do not wait til this happens before you finally decide to change a habit and let go of the past and create a future with joy and ease. I know I waited til I hit the bottom! You can change you life by experiencing joy if you are truly ready to walk a new path. 

Learn to let go of the past to create your future. When you walk away from the programs playing in your mind you learn to create your life not just walk blindly through it!

All of the events are aligned with clearings and activations to let go of your own thoughts from yesterday quickly and connect you on a new level . Do not stay stuck in your past dig deep, make a new choice and unlock a new behaviour and a new experience.

Are you ready to experience something new in your life?

Together lets rewire your brain and drop down into the heart and  walk a new path and change your identity together. 

 Change is not easy because you are locked up in the system and your body will feel uncomfortable! Positive thinking does not work you must learn to let go of the past memories and become unpredictable!


At the end of each evening I will do a hands on blessing and cleaning for everyone who attends! 

Save your seat and let’s get this party going!!!

Evening Event Schedule

Soul Getaway: A Week in the South...

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