Evening Events

Have you asked why you want to create prosperity? Let’s open this up, and align you to move forward in the direction you are meant to live, and not how you think you are to live. Taking the action steps required to unlock what you desire. Ask your questions and lets have some fun working together to align your blueprint into the energy of prosperity!

Tracy offers a monthly evening event to give you the support you require to live your extraordinary life. These events are powerful in assisting with anything you may be dealing with. Tracy will work in the group energy to remove blocks that may be holding you back, and will create alignments for all of the things that you desire.

In these evening events you don’t have to actively participate to have the energy have an affect on you. Being in the space, being open to the change will act as a tremendous energy shift for you. If you are working on specific things, every event will put you in the right space to create that change that you are seeking.

Everyone is welcome at these events, and everyone will benefit. These events are like a one-on-one appointment on steroids. The group energy is even more powerful and delivers faster results than the one-on-one sessions. If you are waiting for your appointment or want change immediately, consider attending one or all of these evening events.

Evening Event Schedule

Evening with Tom Paladino and Tracy L When: Wednesday, August 7th Where: Mississauga Info & Register Evening Event When: Thursday, September 12th Where: Mississauga Info & Register Evening Event When: Thursday, October 10th Where: Mississauga Info & Register Christmas Giveback When: Thursday, November 28th Where: Mississauga Info & Register

Wednesday, August 7th Evening with Tom Paladino and Tracy L Mississauga Info & Register
Thursday, September 12th Evening Event Mississauga Info & Register
Thursday, October 10th Evening Event Mississauga Info & Register
Thursday, November 28th Christmas Giveback Mississauga Info & Register


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