After being born very sick from birth and given no more hope by experts I was at a crossroads….


 You wonder around searching and searching for the answers outside yourself to try to make your life make sense? Do you find the stress of life piles up and then you either feel lost, sickness shows up, anxious about what the future holds for you? You may even wonder are there people out there like me or am I just crazy and life just sucks! I am here to tell you you are not crazy and life is not to suck! I was just like you and I struggled with sickness, anxiety, illness, depression and totally confused why I was even here. I had no one to tell and felt like an alien. Well you are not crazy and nor am I.

After I was give no more hope by the experts I had to dig deep and make some hard choices. I had to look at my life and either wait to die or get serious and try to figure out the pieces of the puzzle that were missing!


Don’t you want that? Don’t you want to jump out of bed and say omg this is my life with excitement! Not omg this is my life let me stay in bed. As I restored my health my entire life transformed. I unlocked the secrets my body was trying to tell me and learned how to connect back to my faith!

Scientist have finally proven your language and connection to your body can change your DNA. I learned this over 17 years ago when I was told I would have to live with illness and disease. I was told it was genetic. After learning the secrets I not only changed my health but my entire life! I now pass these secrets onto you.

You also must understand it does not happen over night. A strong connection to the God Consciousness is needed and I explain why in everything I teach! .

 Change will be uncomfortable and it will suck but I will be there with you and so will the TLC Community. Learn to talk to your body learn to shift your life!

Are you ready? Let’s embark on this journey together and create the world you dream of! Let’s unlearn what you have learned!! 


No prior training needed. I

This is not a method like school or modalities you train and go become a teacher or an energy worker. This is a method to teach you how to connect so you become more empowered and can use the information in your every day life!

These simple clearings and tools are for everyone! Body Regeneration will empower you and teach you the skills you were never taught in school! 




  • The Body Regeneration Method was founded purely by accident with the transformation of my life 
  • This exclusive learning delves deep into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the different facets of the body, and how it affects our overall life.
  • The old methods of teaching energy were now becoming to slow, outdated and not functional in everyday life. The Body Regen Method gives you an easy tool you can do while driving in your car home from work, exercising or even in the middle of an argument:).
  • The Body Regeneration Method will not only shift your own issues during the class but I will teach you how to connect to the God Consciousness in an entirely new way,
  • You will become empowered and learn what the body is telling you, how you can become your own coach and to solve your own issues on the spot!
  • Speak to Your body to learn how to move energy at super light speed 
  •  Attract more into your life while avoiding and adjusting that which no longer serves you?
  • The classes never need to be taken in order at all so you can sit back and enjoy all the shifts or apply the tools and speed them up even more in your life!
  • Take charge of your life!
  • Learn how to integrate The Body Regeneration Method with everything you currently know or do not know.
  • NO prior training needed. 
  • This is not school this is play because when you play in the energy you get results! 


“Tracy, I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing day yesterday … so many lessons and tools, so much cleaning and clearing … I left feeling the lightest I have in years. But a special heartfelt note of thanks for the alignment you performed on my neck.

Since I left my abusive marriage 9 years ago, I have not been able to move my neck very far to the left or to the right. I always believed it blocked bc it was too painful to look back and I was too filled with fear to look forward in my life to my next relationship.

After you adjusted me, I am literally pain-free and able to move my neck with unencumbered movement.

You really are an angel sent from heaven. Thank you!! Sending hugs and heartfelt gratitude, Tracy!!

If all classes were like this one, I would have LOVED GOING TO SCHOOL! Thank you thank you! It was so incredible last night.
I woke up today, and I couldn’t think of a single problem or issue I was facing. And I used to be good at that – haha everything was literally just peachy! And easy… things came and things went – even moments of annoyance and frustration – and normal, simply seemed like a flow-y neutral leaning towards happy.

MIRACULOUS!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! Can’t believe I have to wait a whole week for the next one!! 

Hugs and happy weekend! Aarti

Dear Tracy, 

I am almost in tears of pure joy as a write this email to you. Since our class on Wednesday, things have shifted so much that I ended up getting the spiritual flu. So grateful to the hand of God for the flu as I know I am releasing all of the old crap inside of me. As I am now slowly coming out of it, my mother sends me a text message telling me that my father is going to reimburse me for all the years I have been paying for their cell phone bill. We were on a family plan and I was paying for it. 

I was floored! Money has been coming into my account and out with me being so neutral and trusting in something higher than I am just so filled with love right now and trust that finally, my life is going in the direction it was always meant to go. 
I am so grateful for you for the work you do. You are truly an angel that God has sent to work through and help us regain our faith in the higher power that exists. 
So much love!!!

The wealth class is already attracting for me! I got a contract offer for more than I asked yay! And they edited it to take out the part I didn’t want to do without me asking them…I was just using your tools to attract the part I was excited about! Whoop! Thank you and thank you God!

Vanessa M

“Well, it did it for me! I was taking 2 Alieve a day for knee and hip pain. After attending the online calls getting clearing and shifting for a few months, It was all gone!!! This was over 18 months ago and still free of pain! Thank you, God and Tracy, for this great gift!😁🙌😉❤
Normand Gauthier

“Okay, I have to share this. So Tracy asked us to do that exercise yesterday in body regen – we had to list people that we wanted to give time or money to. My mom has been struggling with digestive issues and needs to go on a restricted diet. When we did the exercise, I knew I had to give something to her to support her through it.

Today, I decided to go to the grocery store and get ingredients to make her a sugar-free vegan custard that would fit with her diet plan.

Check out the receipt total! Talk about immediate prosperity signs associated with giving! 🙂


“Hi Tracy, Having taken the Body Regen Health Module as part of the Evolutionary Program, I have been working on my family members and friends more and more ever since. My sister mentioned to me over a few weeks that she had pretty bad lower back pain from holding her new granddaughter. So I worked on her the night she mentioned the pain last. A week later she told me that her pain went away the day after she had told me about it!!! What a nice confirmation of the efficiency of the tools you have taught us. Thank you God for the energy and thank you Tracy for the tools to use that energy in an effective manner! Looking forward to getting better and better at it!”


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