The Body Regeneration Method was developed by Tracy. This exclusive learning delves deep into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the different facets of the body, and how it affects our overall life.

These modules will not only shift your own issues but they will teach you how to connect, what the body is telling you, how you can become your own coach and to solve your own issues on the spot!

Through years of working to heal her own body, Tracy has taken her teachings and combined them to create a super light speed method known as The Body Regeneration Method. With this method you will learn how to recharge and reset your system. You will learn how to allow and attract more into your life, while avoiding and adjusting that which no longer serves you.

No module is ever the same! Modules one and two are offered online, to be completed over an eight week period. This course has been broken down into modules so that once you receive the shifts, you can then apply those lessons and work with the tools provided, bringing back any questions you may have. As you work through the modules you will learn faster ways to work through all areas of your life and will be able to help your family and friends! You will also learn how to integrate The Body Regeneration Method with everything you currently know.

NO prior training? That’s OK! There are no prerequisites required to take this course. These modules are best taken in order however, they do not have to be. Please watch for further module 3 to 6 being released in 2019.

What I absolutely love is how FAST Tracy’s Body Regeneration method works. I love that Tracy teaches us her method, that she empowers us, and gives US the tools, so that we may work on ourselves, our families, strangers and clients. I have seen a lot of modalities but nothing compares to what Tracy has created!!! I highly recommend that anyone and everyone take Tracy’s Body Regeneration course. For those members of this group that have yet to take her Body Regen course then I urge you to make sure that you participate in her next class when she offers it. The goal is that we heal ourselves and then we help to guide others to see the light.. Tracy teaches us that it doesn’t have to take long if you are willing to let go and release, and are willing to jump! Thank you thank you thank you Tracy and thank you God!!!! You are incredible and I am so grateful for your Body Regeneration Method.
Julie Laird XOXO

Body Regeneration

Online Module 3 starting January 31st/2019

Online Module 4 Start Date TBA


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