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Are you tired of being tired and living comfortably uncomfortable?

Are you ready for change, real-substantial-life-altering change?

Have you tried other ‘modalities’ that left you feeling stuck, stagnant, ill and like you were still missing a piece to the puzzle?

Are you ready and willing to learn a new way of communicating with yourself, others and the Universe?

Are you ready to release the old patterns and programs that are no longer serving you?

Are you ready to take back your power and Unleash the Superhuman Within you?!

If your answer is yes then this is the course for you!


Tracy has been where most people are- in lack, fear, sickness, illness, and disease. What she realized is that it is imperative to understand that the energetic body takes the lead over the physical body. When she started to uncover this truth she discovered the key to not only her miraculous healing but all those she touches! Tracy has helped many people transcend their difficult valleys and reconnect to their power and their faith. Tracy knows this journey can be hard and frustrating and that some days truly suck when we are creating change! Tracy knows first hand what this journey was like and experienced those days when she wanted to give up.

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What sets Tracy apart is that she doesn’t just talk about what is not working in your life, she creates real substantial change in your life with you. Tracy walks the walk; she does not teach anything she does not practice in her life. What makes Tracy different from many others is that she was her own test subject. She repaired herself long before she went out into the world to help others! Tracy has the unique ability to see the body like a computer and to remove corrupt files, old programming and blockages that keep us sick, stuck, stagnant and living unfulfilled lives. Tracy approaches the body functionally, understanding that sickness, disease, and suffering are not separate from, but directly linked to, all areas of one’s life. Tracy sees how everything is integrated and connected. She believes everything is connected and there is no separation.

Tracy has always been an empath, she could feel everything in the room before someone even walked in. Tracy learned to utilize all of her sensory systems; feeling, seeing and hearing when working with clients. Tracy has the incredible ability to quickly zone into the root cause of an issue and begin to remove it – without requiring the entire story. This remarkable ability to target the root of an issue is what makes Tracy’s Body Regeneration system work so quickly! Tracy connects directly to the God Consciousness and empowers you to do the same. You will hear Tracy say thank you God/ Divine repeatedly while she works to ensure there are no interference energies. The body receives the message and clearly understands it is working directly with Spirit.

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Quite often people may feel triggered by Tracy as her work delves deeply into the body. Rest assured that these triggers are normal, these are a result of old systems held within the body that can become resistant to leaving. It is also normal for the body to become very tired after working with Tracy. Clients often report falling asleep as Tracy works quickly to remove old systems and replace them with a new way of being. Chakras, meridians, electrical grids toxins, parasites are just some of the areas that will be released from the body. People also report that they occasionally smell quite badly after working with Tracy. All of these effects are a natural part of the process as the body releases the old and makes way for the new!

Tracy shares her groundbreaking Body Regeneration Method, handing you the tools to overcome trauma, pain, suffering, and adversity. With Tracy’s programs, you will learn how to let go of judgments and expectations, traumatic events, and other issues that keep you stuck and feeling unfulfilled. Tracy will teach you important tools and techniques that give you the ability to have everything you ever dreamed of and more. Through the programs Tracy offers she works daily with each group to support, motivate and remove obstacles, allowing you the freedom to attain prosperity in all areas of your life. Not only does Tracy help you restore your life, but she has created The Body Regeneration Method which gives YOU the tools to restore, not only yourself but those around you as well! Working with Tracy and the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living, while implementing The Body Regeneration Method, people begin to live a life they had never dreamed imaginable.

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Many have found profound benefits from using the Body Regeneration Method and listening to the activations and clearings.

  • You will become deeply connected to your intuition and what your body is telling you.
  • Curses and spells will be lifted
  • Your body will start to release old subconscious patterning regularly
  • You will find grounding will become automatic.
  • Negative energy will be released quickly out of your body
  • Aches and pains may come up as they are lifting out of the body
  • Layers of stuck physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological and psychic energies will be lifted
  • Old karmic cords will be cut
  • The heart will become in charge of the body allowing you to ask questions in a new way to receive truthful answers from those around you
  • Anxiety and stress will be released over time some experience it instantly
  • When the heart takes over the brain will feel clearer and you will be able to get more done in a day
  • Inspiration will take over giving you motivation
  • The chemical frequencies of the body will balance easier making it easier to float through your day
  • The frequency of the body will start to rise higher allowing a for a new level of restoration
  • When the heart starts to take over the brain it is easier to manifest and create what you are asking for in life
  • Many people mention as they work with Tracy L they become an entirely new person and can handle life in a new way.
  • Life improves with ease and grace.


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